Bitumen Emulsion Plants

Bitumen Emulsion Plants

Bitumen Emulsion Plants. The design of modern bitumen emulsion production units allows for quick installation and dismantling for rapid transportation to a new construction site. This is sufficient for long road construction projects.

If emulsion in the area is supplied from a single site, stationary plants and storage bases are a better choice.

It is especially viable to set up emulsion production in the territory of bitumen storage bases and asphalt plants. It is possible to use the existing communication and transportation lines, storage, mixers etc.

Construction of emulsion facilities in bitumen storage bases is a reasonable solution to make bitumen emulsion for road construction on site or for transporting it to other sites. Setting up the production at asphalt plants is a good choice in production of black mineral salts.

It is best to transport bitumen emulsions long distances with low water content. Once delivered, the emulsion is diluted with water or a water solution of emulsifier to the required concentration.

When choosing the production capacity of emulsion plants located in bitumen storage sites or asphalt plants, consider the capacity of the current equipment production capacity (asphalt mixers, bitumen boilers etc).

The number of days for production of bitumen emulsion is larger than that of using the hot materials for construction, and varies from region to region.

Also, while calculating the production rate, the storage capacity of emulsion and black mineral salts in the winter months must be taken into consideration.

The main emulsion production equipment, regardless of the intended use of the emulsion is continuous process machines, such as colloid mills, dispersers, homogenizers etc.

Comparing continuous machines with batch machines (vane agitators), the following advantages of the former are apparent:

  • continuous emulsification process with better precision and automation capability;
  • smaller footprint;
  • adjustment of emulsion dispersion;
  • simple production process. Some temperature deviations are allowed, and the precision requirements of bitumen and water solution of emulsifier dosage are not as strict.
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