Bitumen industry in India

The first ever bitumen plant in India was commissioned in December 2006 in Uluberia near Kolkata, in West Bengal. The plant is a facility for production of modified bitumen and emulsion, and makes an array of special bitumen products, like various kinds of bitumen emulsion, polymer modified bitumen and crumb rubber impregnated bitumen. The facility has a production rate of nearly 50000 tons per annum and can be further upgraded.

The facility also supplies ready to use premix for immediate road maintenance. The road can be opened for traffic only 10 to 15 minutes after application of the material with added durability of the repaired area. The products are being delivered through a chain of franchises in various sections of the country, as it has been for the last five years, and are eagerly accepted by all contractors, consultants, construction agencies etc.

Quality Product

What makes the products stand out is the combination of fundamental expertise in the product, chemistry and the processes involved, resulting in outstanding efficiency in the field.  The company is also a provider of solutions, offering materials customized for treatment of specific roads using specific equipment. The company usually works along with the contractor, a consultant for design and supervision and the owner of motorway or airport facility to offer the most suitable product, best fitting the local conditions, product requirements and client needs.

Business opportunities

The nation is building a large national motorway network, along with local and rural roads, and needs a perfect product to improve the economy of servicing the roads along their life cycle. There exists a great financing support, with external assistance, as well as private investment to construct the roads. The company can contribute quite a lot to the increased road durability and lowering of the maintenance costs by using advanced methods for pavement of roads, preventive and corrective maintenance.

Earlier road network was constructed for passenger traffic mostly, however, modern roads must support a much larger load axles from cargo transport, as a result of rapid economic development. The layout of the roads must be upgraded to cope with the increased loads.

Yet another influence on the roads are the varying environmental conditions across the country. Some parts of the country experience a lot of rainfall, while others are subject to snowfalls. Besides, there is a large network of legacy roads, with poor base; this network cannot be upgraded overnight, instead, it must be maintained over time. Satisfying the requirements of both the new motorways and airports and  the older roads will take high end products and techniques.

The company enters the market with two goals: to bring forth the long term experience of building good safe roads for national benefit and to establish a lasting successful busines

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