Where to Buy Bitumen Emulsion Production Equipment?

Bitumen Emulsion Production Equipment

Bitumen Emulsion Production Equipment. The condition of automobile roads is one of the objective indications of nation development and well-being of its citizens. Besides, good roads mean comfortable passenger and cargo transportation and a significant reduction of accidents. Design and construction of roads require a responsible approach.

The main binding material in modern road construction is bitumen. However, its practical use is only possible with a certain minimum bitumen viscosity. This can be achieved by heating, adding petroleum based solvents or emulsification.

In the first case, it is possible to make asphalt concrete of increased strength, which is especially important for the construction of high traffic roads. There are limitations, however. The energy costs of making hot mixes are quite high. There are also the environmental problems and the limited time for construction of road top.

The second method involves environmental issues due to the toxicity of the solvents, in addition to fire hazard. These, as well as the cost of the solvents, led the road construction business to search for alternatives.

Invention and perfection of bitumen technology solved the problems of energy costs and harmful environmental effects. Bitumen emulsion can be used with moist and cold mineral materials.

What is good about bitumen emulsions?

Beside the advantages mentioned above, emulsions offer the following:

  • simple permeation of even the smallest pores with bitumen
  • high adhesion to surfaces of various nature and texture
  • working in low temperature and high humidity
  • improved precision of binder dosage and uniformity of distribution across the surface
  • fuel savings.

Practical experience of bitumen emulsion use shows that they improve quality of works and labor efficiency.

Buying bitumen emulsion equipment

Complete or partial transition to bitumen emulsions brings about the problem of procuring the corresponding equipment, either manufacturing it or buying from another manufacturer. Bitumen market is prone to fluctuations and it is better to protect oneself from supply interruptions by owning bitumen emulsion production equipment.

GlobeCore is ready to assist. Our company offers bitumen emulsion production equipment (UVB-1 units), with the following capabilities:

  • production of quality bitumen emulsions independent of the initial bitumen properties. The required result is achieved by using special thinners, adhesion additives and plasticizers
  • production of anionic or cationic bitumen emulsion
  • minimized service and maintenance cost by eliminating rotary mills from hydrodynamic mixers
  • dilution of concentrated blend solution with water in the unit.

Bitumen emulsions from GlobeCore equipment fully meet the standards of ASTM D 2397-98 and D977-98. The UVB-1 units are compact, easy to service and operate.

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