Presentation of GlobeCore equipment took place in Bulgaria

In October 8-24, 2015 several cities of Bulgaria were the place of presentation of bitumen emulsion equipment produced by GlobeCore.

In particular, the representatives of our company visited Varna, Plovdiv, Ruse and Blagoevgrad. Need to note that this is not the first cooperation of GlobeCore with Bulgarian colleagues. Seven years ago the plant UVB-2 with capacity 10 m3/hour was commissioned in Varna. This equipment successfully works to the present day.

In these later days there is a growing demand for consumption of bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen in Bulgaria. Possession of an own equipment producing these materials will allow road construction companies be independent of market fluctuations. That is why interest to GlobeCore plants from Bulgarian companies is non casual.

Not only management but also engineers of road construction companies showed their willingness to participate in these presentations. After completion of an official part the designing engineer of our company satisfied all technical questions.

GlobeCore thanks Bulgarian colleagues for shown interest and warm welcome and hopes for further effective cooperation.

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