Improve the quality of bitumen using UMB-6 plant

How can I improve the quality of bitumen? What is the difference between modified bitumen and common non-modified bitumen? What equipment is used for bitumen modification?

Bitumen is one of the most common materials in construction. It is used in roofing and waterproofing works, construction and repair of road surfaces, the protection of pipelines, the lining of canals,

But with all the advantages, bitumen has one drawback, which is its fragility in low temperatures. In severe climate conditions, bitumen coatings fail before their expected life time. In warm climate under sun rays and in high temperatures the bituminous asphalt layer is dulling and aging a lot more intensely.

Modifying bitumen to improve its quality

With introduction of polymers, it is possible to improve the properties of bitumen – reduce brittleness and increase heat resistance. Modifying additives extend the life of bitumen coatings – by resisting deformation in the range of operating temperatures, water resistance and strength.

Equipment for bitumen modification from GlobeCore

GlobeCore produces equipment for modified bitumen for the needs of construction industry. One of the latest achievements of our design department is the improvement plant for mixing bitumen in cycle  UMB-6 (productivity 6 m3 / h).

This equipment can work with various forms of additives (liquid, solid, powder), and its dimensions are adjusted for transportation in a container by road and by sea. In one production cycle, bitumen passes twice through the colloid mill, which allows to increase its quality without loss of productivity. Also the number of bitumen pumps is reduced from three to two: one for pumping in, and the other for a colloid mill and pumping out.

If you are interested in purchasing a UMB-6 bitumen modification unit, please get in touch with one of our contacts.

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