Laboratory Equipment for Foamed Bitumen Production

Foamed bitumen is a material used when constructing asphalt concrete roads.  Foamed bitumen is produced by injecting small quantities of water and compressed air into hot bitumen.

The foamed material has an increased surface activity, small relative viscosity, and a big specific area.  Due to these characteristics, the production of foamed bitumen is characterized by lower power consumption and lower production costs as compared with conventional bitumen production.

Foaming allows for an even distribution of bitumen over the surface of the mineral material as well as for good encapsulation of even the smallest particles of asphalt concrete.  this process greatly improves the quality of road pavement.

After many years of experience and doing business in the bitumen emulsion industry, GlobeCore has designed and produced the GlobeCore UVB-L unit.  This new laboratory unit is used to determine the optimal proportions of the components necessary for blending and producing foamed bitumen.  This type of bitumen production unit can be of great benefit to laboratories, scientific research institutes as well as facilities involved in asphalt concrete production and asphalt concrete road construction.

The GlobeCore UVB-L unit is characterized by the following benefits:

  • the quality of foamed bitumen may be checked prior to application;
  • parameters such as the amount of water, pressure and temperature may be quickly adjusted and changed;
  • production of several different types of bitumen during a short period of time;
  • a user-friendly control panel that sets and controls the key parameters of the process;
  • equipment may be supplied separately or as a component of bitumen emulsion production units;
  • consultation and training of operational staff; and
  • trouble-free operation.
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