Paint Production Using a Paint Emulsifying Machine From GlobeCore

Paint is a mixture of fillers and pigments with filming agents combined with solvents.  The maximum size of particles of this polydisperse system is strictly controlled.

To produce a high quality paint product, one should (1) buy raw material; (2) pre-batch and disperse the material (grind down to the necessary consistency); and (3) pack it.  The most complicated and energy consuming stage is the mixing and dispersion of the pigments in the film formers and solvents.

To meet the production requirements for paint, GlobeCore has developed a special concept of grinding and dispersion.  This concept allows for serial production with no change of equipment as well as small batches of products to meet individual customer’s needs.  This concept is based on the application of special machines known as paint emulsifying machines.

These sepecial machines are designed to disperse and homogenize emulsions, suspensions, and paste-like materials.  In fact, these machines grind down and homogeneate suspensions, liquids, paste-like materials, gels, and emulsions.  In a paint emulsifying machine, paint is produced in the following way:

First, a liquid phase is supplied to the machine.  Influenced by centrifugal forces and a high relative speed between a rotating rotor and a stationary stator, it splashes and forms a continuous film.  Simultaneously, a powder-like solid phase is supplied to the machine.  Its particles reach the rotating rotor then splash and hit the film made of a liquid phase, laying on an even layer.  As a result of this technological process, we have a finely divided and homogeneous material, otherwise known as paint that is ready for use.

GlobeCore technologies make it possible to obtain highly stable paints that do not break down during long term storage.

If you have decided to use GlobeCore Paint Emulsifying Machines from the KLM line, you will be assured that your paint products will be of the highes

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