Preparation And Storage of Bitumen Emulsions

For the production of road bitumen emulsions of various types special emulsion systems are used that can function either as individual units or as a part of a particular enterprise, plant or department.

During the processing of crude fat with conversion into emulsifier, the process of bitumen emulsion production comprises the following mandatory steps:

  • Storage of primary components (alkali, acid, bitumen, crude fat);
  • Bringing primary components to the desired state;
  • Dosage of components and their supply to an emulsion machine;
  • Production of bitumen emulsion;
  • Draining of final bitumen emulsion and its storage before shipment to consumers.

The process of bitumen emulsion preparation requires monitoring of the quality of its components as well as process temperature.  The resulting product should have light brown or dark brown color, homogeneous texture and not to be water soluble.  Also, when a glass rod is immersed into diluted emulsion, it should not have large particles of bitumen on its surface.

Bitumen emulsions should not be stored at temperatures below 0°C.  Freshly manufactured product can only be stored in clean tanks not containing any residue of organic binders.  To prevent evaporation of water during storage, it is necessary to ensure the “tank-pump-tank” circulation of emulsion.

Before transporting bitumen emulsion, it must be passed through a filter with a mesh size of not more than 3 mm, and only after that the material is allowed to be uploaded into bitumen spraying machines and transit bitumen carriers.

Depending on the type of bitumen emulsion, its average warranty shelf life is from one to several months.

GlobeCore offers a wide range of equipment for production and storage of bituminous materials.  UVB-type plants are designed to produce bitumen emulsions of absolutely all types and purposes.  The resulting product is fully consistent with international standards and can be used for road repair and construction works.

GlobeCore also supplies containers of various design and capacity for bitumen emulsion storage.  It is possible to make modifications of the standard models for specific production conditions on request.

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