Bitumen Emulsion Equipment


Bitumen Emulsion Plant 1 m3/h

The plant can produce all types of bituminous emulsions with capacity 1 m3/h


Bitumen Emulsion Production Plant 2 m3/h

The most popular model. Suitable for both companies producing bitumen emulsion for sale and for middle road building companies. Easily operated, designed for indor using. It produces 2 m3 an hour of stable high quality emulsion.


Bitumen Emulsion Production Plant 8-10 m3/h

1 Maximal capacity, m3/h 8
2 Bitumen consumption , m3/h 4-8
3 Water consumption, m3/h 3,2-6*
4 Flux consumption , dm3/h 60-150*
5 Acid consumption, dm3/h 20-50*
6 Emulsifier consumption, dm3/h up to 50*
7 Bitumen input pressure, MPa 0,2

Bitumen Emulsion Plant Laboratory Scale

a semi-automatic unit for:

  • to prepare small batches of bitumen emulsions;
  • to prepare compositions of bitumen emulsion depending on additives and application.

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer RBE-0.2

The GlobeCore RBE-0.2 sprayer is designed to spray bitumen emulsion during asphalt laying, construction, repairs and servicing of roads. The small size of the unit and its mobility allows it to be used for treatment of small asphalt patches, such as bicycle tracks, pedestrian crossings, parkings and yards.


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