Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer RBE-0.2

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer. Bitumen emulsions are widely used in road construction. This is due to the advantages of these material compared to hot bitumen: reduced consumption of the binder due to the ability form a thinner film on the surface, improved work conditions (emulsion has a slight odor, it is non-toxic and inflammable), reduction of energy costs. since the binder does not require heating, as well as extension of road construction and repair season.

The GlobeCore RBE-0.2 sprayer is designed to spray bitumen emulsion during asphalt laying, construction, repairs and servicing of roads. The small size of the unit and its mobility allows it to be used for treatment of small asphalt patches, such as bicycle tracks, pedestrian crossings, parkings and yards. A manual spraying nozzle allows to spray the material in areas with difficult access. The nozzle covers a 240 mm wide strip in one pass.

The sprayer consists of a tank, a frame, a protective enclosure, a towing device, an internal combustion engine, a gearbox, a bitumen pump, a return valve, a system flush tank, a manual spraying nozzle and a compartment for a kit of hoses.

RBE-0.2 must be used with emulsion fresh from storage. “Old” emulsion may contain deposits which contaminate the system.

The unit can be operated in ambient temperature from +10 °С to +40 °С and relative humidity up to 98% at 25 °С.

Emulsion level is controlled visually through the filling opening, located at the top of the emulsion tank.

The current emulsion temperature is controlled before loading into the sprayer by a thermometer. If a different temperature is required for operation, the material must be heated or cooled externally. Emulsion is loaded through the filling opening in the emulsion tank. The remaining emulsion must be drained from the tank after operation.

RBE-0.2 bitumen emulsion sprayer specifications



1. Spraying nozzle

– nozzle type

hollow cone

– distance from surface, mm


– length of flexible hose, m


2. Total volume, m³, not less than


3. Usable volume, m³, not less than


4. Emulsion pump capacity, liters/minute


5. Internal combustion engine

– power, kW


– max rotation speed, rpm


6. Dimensions, mm, not more than

– length when deployed


– length with inverter raised


– height with enclosure lowered


– height with enclosure raised


– width


7. Weight, kg, not more than


8. Weight, full, kg, not more than


The RBE-0.2 by GlobeCore:

  • accelerates road construction and repairs;
  • improves road top quality;
  • improves rate and capacity of asphalt mix laying.

Advantages of GlobeCore RBE-0.2:

  • simple design;
  • mobility;
  • autonomous operation made possible by the diesel engine;
  • a customizable towing device selection allows to use available vehicles for transportation of the unit.
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