Polymer Modified Bitumen Equipment


Polymer Modified Bitumen Production Plant 20 m3/h

Up-to-date road construction industry impacts a demand for specific asphalt mixtures containing modified bitumen. To fit abovementioned demands, GlobeСore manufactures modified bitumen producing plants.
Globecore designs and performs plants to produce modified bitumen by supplying polymers, adhesive dopes and plasticizers into the viscous bitumen.Modified bitumen equipment


Bitumen Modification  equipment System 6 m3 /h

Modern highway engineering demands special asphalt mixes utilizing modified bitumen. Gloobecore has developed a range of bitumen modification plants to meet this demand.
Bitumen modification systems developed and manufactured by GlobeСore are designed for producing of modified bitumen by means of injection of polymers, adhesion additives, plastifying agents to heavy asphalt (bitumen).

УВБ-2-Л modified bitumen equipment

Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant (Laboratory scale)

Bitumen modification laboratory system is designed for preparation of small samples (10
liters per batch) of modified bitumen. The system uses continuous bitumen mixing process
with further dispersion of bitumen and polymer in the mill. The design allows addition of
liquid components to modified Bitumen Equipment.


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