GlobeCore GmbH provides an “urgent repair” service for equipment used in the production of road bitumen emulsion, modified bitumen and bituminous mastics. The service guarantees the future performance of the equipment.

What kind of repair services does GlobeCore do?  GlobeCore GmbH offers a wide range of services that include:

  • regular and emergency diagnosis of your equipment;
  • consultations on preventive and corrective maintenance of your equipment;
  • repair of individual equipment components and their replacement if necessary;
  • carrying out commissioning of unit; and
  • training the staff of your company to operate and maintain your equipment.

Here at GlobeCore GmbH, we work with all equipment whether produced by GlobeCore, or manufactured some other company.

With GlobeCore you do not need to look for new specialists for repairs and maintenance of the bituminous emulsions, modified bitumen and bituminous mastics production units operated by your company.  GlobeCore offers both single one time services and also can contract for extended annual services.  In the case of long term services, your equipment will be under the full control of highly qualified specialists from GlobeCore that will help to ensure the reliable and trouble-free operation of your equipment.

GlobeCore GmbH offers two options for repair and maintenance:

  • Consulting Services. In this case, GlobeCore conducts remote consultations of the representatives of your Company;
  • Onsite Repair of Equipment by our Specialists.  If you choose this package, except for remote consultations, you get the opportunity to call on our experts who will make repairs of road bitumen units no matter how difficult the repairs may be.

With GlobeCore GmbH you will always be assured of the reliable operation of your equi

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