Roof Mastics

It was in Egypt circa 3000 B.C. when bitumen was first applied for waterproofing.  This material was used to seal water and grain storage tanks, to fix wall and floor plates in building structures, and to waterproof tunnels.  The introduction of mastics has paralleled the development of the construction industry.

The first attempts to modify bitumen by polymers in order to improve its physicochemical characteristics and extend its service life, were registered  in the 1960s.  Bitumen mastics are considered to be a prototype of almost all rolled materials.

In general, mastics are multifunctional materials that enjoy a wide currency in different industries.  Mastics may be used when waterproofing roofs, indoor walls and basements.  If you need to protect any surface from water, then bitumen mastics is one of the best produts to use.

The advantages of roof mastics are as follows:

  • no fire is requited for waterproofing of grounds;
  • trouble-free laying when working with complicated surfaces; and
  • non-porosity of the layer applied.
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