The New GlobeCore UVB-2 for the Preparation of Modified Bitumen Launched

On May 6, 2014, GlobeCore successfully launched a new UVB-2 unit for the preparation of modified bitumen.

The GlobeCore UVB-2 unit is newly designed and is especially in high demand among companies specializing in the preparation of asphalt top layers, protective layers of cement coatings and mastics.  The GlobeCore UVB-2 allows for modification of bitumen by adding in special polymers, adhesive additives and plasticizers.

The use of modified bitumen in asphalt mixes has the following advantages over traditional bitumen products:

  • Extended operating temperature range of asphalt and concrete paving;
  • High resistance to deformation, which occur due to traffic loads; and
  • Increasing the service life of the paving materials.

The GlobeCore UVB-2 is a universal machine that can successfully implement virtually any of the existing methods of bitumen modification.  The UVB-2 works with various modifiers and materials.  Depending on the needs of your company, the UVB-2 can be designed for capacity of 4 m3/ h or 20 m3/ h.  At GlobeCore we are flexible and the needs of our customers always come first.


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