The UVB Unit Was Successfully Started Up in Thailand

On June 10, 2014, GlobeCore representatives visited Thailand to commission a new GlobeCore UVB unit with a capacity of twenty cubic meters per hour (20 m3/h).

The new unit is designed to prepare the water phase of bitumen emulsion production.  When the pre-commissioning was successfully completed, GlobeCore engineers held a hands-on training to teach the staff how to service and maintain their new unit.

A bitumen emulsion water phase block consists of a “two component” mixer.  The first line includes a polymer tank, a pump and an injection mixer.  The second line is designed to mix the blending and water that has been supplied by the pumps.

Advanced UVB units, manufactured by GlobeCore, produce cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions that can be applied in the building industry (waterproofing) as well as in the road construction industry (potholes filling, tack coating, road-surface treatment, cold asphalt mixtures product

обновлено: September 3, 2015 автором: dannik